Our APP Policy



We use Google’s services to help provide you with great content and make it easier for you to enjoy our games. We publish our games on Google Play Store and thus agree to their terms and the way they process information. For more details on how Google uses our information see Google’s Privacy Policy.


AdMob* is a mobile application advertising platform created by Google. It’s used to promote mobile apps and to help advertisers make money through mobile apps by enabling in-app advertising. To generate income we provide our users with relevant ads through AdMob services. They also use anonymous identifiers to generate personalized content for users and give us insight on how our apps are used so we can improve them.

*AdMob applies the same privacy policies as Google

Bad Wolf Games

We collect and share anonymous identifiers from our apps with above mentioned partners, available to us with your given consent for generating relevant content based on your preferences, consent that can be revoked by you at any time if you choose so. For more details on how we process your information, contact us.

This site does not collect any personal information.